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Dogecoin | The New Normal

You might have seen this everywhere on Twitter for the past couple of weeks or months, this seemingly random crypto coming out of nowhere. From a couple of fractions of a penny all the way up to a couple of cents, it’s quite random but in the tech world, it’s quite fascinating.

dogecoin logo
Image Credit : BBN Times
Quick Highlights:
  1. This crypto was created by Jackson Palmer & Billy Markus in late 2013.
  2. The current value of 1 Dogecoin is $0.381 with a market cap of $50 billion.
  3. In the initial phase of 2021, this crypto got a huge 1900% of the jump.

Dogecoin - The new Bitcoin

The new Bitcoin, what? This crypto is literally coming out of nothing it’s just started as a joke. In 2013, Billy and Jack were never thought that this crypto is gonna compared with Bitcoin. This crypto is having a blast this year, the $50 billion market cap is lit. The future of Dogecoin is looking pretty strong.

Image Credit : Dogecoin.com

Since 2009 when Bitcoin came into existence it is the most widely known in the world. When crypto started, a bunch of people made fun of it. In fact, Dogecoin was also started as a joke to make fun of other cryptos.

As it has emerged as a joke, Dogecoin got its own unique identity. Dogecoin never crossed 1 cent until 2021, numerous actors and celebrities are trying to promote this coin and earn profit from it. From the start, people are in Dogecoin not for money but the community. Over the years, many cryptocurrencies came into existence but they failed because the community abandoned them. most people want to make money so generally, they buy crypto and hype it when the price goes up the initial investors bail out and go to another crypto.

In the period of time, the same thing people did it with dogecoin too. However, later Doge managed to make a big fan following, since then people are in it for fun not for profit. Because of this vibrant fan following, Dogecoin is still surviving and growing in this crypto community.

Image Credit : Bitnews

Story of a Dogecoin Millionaire

February this year Glauber Contessoto, a 33-year-old guy invested $180,000 in Dogecoin when it was about only 0.045 cents, On April 15th he was claiming that he became a millionaire. He confirmed on his Reddit by sharing the screenshots of his holdings on Robinhood. “Hey guys, I just became a Dogecoin millionaire,” he wrote.

Elon Musk’s tweet has been inspired a lot of people, contessoto is one of them. he said that the Elon musk is the key inspiration behind all of this. contessoto, who works in the music business besides that he also trades in tesla and uber share. For being a millionaire It took him around only 2 months. For more information about contssoto you can watch his latest interview below :

Quick Advice – If you want to start your trading career or just want to invest few bucks in crypto this can be a good start for you. Dogecoin is going to blast in a couple of month, so try your luck ASAP.