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This bicycle is a new type of electric transportation, that aims to appeal to both bicycle riders as well as first-time e-bike riders. Therefore this bike was created from the ground up around a hubless wheel design, that provides the greatest efficiency and usability you could have on a bicycle.

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Highlights :
  1. This electric bike is easily rechargeable and can be ridden as either a standard bicycle or an electric bike. Giving you the best of both worlds, so you never have to worry about your battery running low.

  2. This electric bike has a triple barrier anti-theft system, that will keep your bike from being stolen.

  3. This new hubless and futuristic electric bike from Beno Inc. cost around US$1,999.

Features of this Electric Bike

Easily Rechargeable : 

Reevo offers 750 watts of power output, about 500 watt-hours of the battery. It is easily rechargeable. It can be ridden as either a standard bicycle or an e-bike. Giving you the best of both worlds so you never have to worry about your battery running low.

Security :

Reevo has implemented a one-touch Fingerprint sensor. So that locks/unlocks the bike. a triple barrier theft system that will keep your bike from being stolen. You can unlock the bike with your fingerprint or the smartphone app giving you a way to lock the bike away. if you need to leave it outdoors while shopping or enjoying a meal, you can unlock the bike quickly and right away.

This e-bike also has an integrated automatic lock housed within the frame. Which is out of reach from various types of bolt cutters. Reevo also offers motion detection technology with integrated GPS, which Sets the geofencing radius and knows where your REEVO is anytime, anywhere.

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Design & Style :

Talking about the design, Reevo’s e-bike offers a lot in it. Its unusual patent-pending hubless wheels are center-less all the way within. It’s pure engineering excellence designed around a durable, lightweight core finished in smooth matte black. The company says spokes are so last year, so ultimately they removed spokes and introduced their new hubless design. In the place of typical spokes, they’ve added saddlebag storage, where you can store the basic things you need. a dashboard cradle in the handlebar, where you can attach your smartphone and it becomes a digital dashboard with an app. More futuristic design looks more appealing.

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Hubless wheel design provides the greatest efficiency. Above all, it has a maintenance-free drivetrain, a detachable battery, egronomic seat, adaptive paddle assist, autonomous LED headlamps in the rim, USB charging point, motion sensor and much more.

Is Reevo hubless electric bike worth it?

Reevo Offers a 750-watt electric motor which is powered by a 48V massive battery, with assisted pedaling giving you speeds of up to 25 miles per hour you can even unlock it and let your friends or family ride your bike if they need to you can ride at least 30 miles on a single charge. It has also a built-in ambient sensor that automatically detects darkness and turns on/off the ultra-bright 800-lumen LED lighting integrated into the wheels. It took 3 hours to entirely charge the battery.

Image Credit : Indiegogo

Therefore talking about the other competitors in the same price budget, Reevo is offering a lot. But on the other hand, this electric bike has some cons to it. If you closely see the tire section you’ll see this isn’t the traditional rim. consequently, in the future, you can not change the tire without disassembling the whole thing. 

In conclusion, we can not say that this bike isn’t worth it. Beno’s team literally worked on a masterpiece. However, the price tag also looks great in this segment. Futuristic design, matte black finish, integrated security system, and much more things make this electric bike worth buying.

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