List of All Macs Compatibility With macOS Monterey

The all-new macOS Monterey is here. It brings many new features to the Mac. You might be wondering that your mac will support Monterey, but I have some bad news for you. Some older Macbooks and iMacs not going to support Monterey.

macOS Monterey Compatibility
Courtesy: Apple

macOS Monterey Compatibility List Below :

  • ‌iMac‌ – Late 2015 and Later
  • ‌iMac‌ Pro – 2017 and Later
  • ‌MacBook Air‌ – Early 2015 and Later
  • MacBook Pro – Early 2015 and Later
  • Mac Pro – Late 2013 and Later
  • Mac mini – Late 2014 and Later
  • MacBook – Early 2016 and Later

Above all devices macOS Monterey supported devices. macOS Monterey Compatibility.

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New macOS Quik Highlights

Apple World Wide Developers Conference on 7th June was a long one hour and 45 minutes. List of new features coming to macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and other Apple operating systems and devices. So let me run down the things that I think are the most notable.

macOS Monterey Compatibility
Courtesy: Apple

First, let’s get right to it and the name for the new macOS. macOS12 will be called macOS Monterey. So as for what’s new, everything is really integrated between all of the different operating systems. So it doesn’t make sense to talk about what’s new in macOS or iOS or iPadOS because a lot of them go across all of those.

So let’s start by talking about FaceTime. It has tons of new features. One is spatial audio. So you actually hear the person talking from the direction that they are on the screen. You also have new audio modes, voice isolation versus wide spectrum. So you can decide if you’re in a noisy environment to have FaceTime isolate your voice. Then the biggest new feature is something called SharePlay. So while you’re talking with other people over Face Time you could share media or your screen with them. So, for instance, you could share music in Apple Music and everybody in on the conversation will hear the music in sync.

Click here to read the full article on WWDC 2021.

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  1. Seems like my late 2015 iMac is on the edge [and probably by the Next Big Update it will NOT be supported].

    Taking that chance now.

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