Apple WWDC 2021 | iOS 15, MacBooks And a lot to Expect

The company is clearly planning to make a splash. The keynote kicks off at 10 AM pacific or 10:30 PM IST on June 7th. but, if you just can’t wait to learn about what company is gearing up to show off this year. let’s take a few minutes to walk through the stuff that we know is coming.

Apple wwdc 2021
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Highlights :
  1. WWDC is set for this coming Monday, June 7th at 10 AM Pacific and there’s a lot that Apple is planning to unveil at the all-virtual event.
  2. iPad OS may give users a little bit more control and flexibility. It will potentially be allowing you to put widgets sort of anywhere on the display.
  3. We’re also expecting to see potentially the announcement of AirPods 3.

What to Expect From Apple WWDC 2021

WWDC is set for this coming Monday, June 7th at 10 AM Pacific. There’s a lot that Apple is planning to unveil at the all-virtual event. Here we’re going over everything you can expect to see at WWDC 2021. So let’s start with the obvious, This is a Developer Conference. After all we will definitely be seeing new versions of iOS, iPad OS, Tv OS, Watch OS, and Mac OS. I believe there’s going to be a lot of new things here. What makes this year more exciting than any other year is, that we really haven’t heard a whole lot about what to expect from the latest versions of these platforms, but here’s what we have heard about.

iOS 15 And New iPadOS Release

In this next version of iOS, Apple will kind of revamp how they do privacy safety and security. I’m sure there will be a lot more in this version of iOS. In terms of app tracking transparency taking things a step further. There should be a change to the way that notifications are handled. Maybe giving users a little bit more control on how notifications appear, when they appear, and automatic replies in certain scenarios. Apple is also continuing to sort of double down its efforts in terms of iMessage. To make that a very versatile platform for iOS users. Exactly what they could be adding to iMessage we just don’t know specific. But, we do know that Apple wants to kind of go head-to-head with Facebook messenger and WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Apple really wants make iMessage the messaging platform you want to use.

Courtesy: Gizchina

Now iPhone users can set their custom notifications based on their activity. so, if you’re awake, you might set your iPhone to send notifications. With sound while sound might be disabled if you’re sleeping. There will be a feature for handling incoming notifications in different ways. Along with new settings for automatic replies. Menu options for selecting a mode will be available on the lock screen and in the control center with messages. we are also expecting some new features to be introduced to better compete with apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. New features for iMessage remain largely unknown.

An unconfirmed rumor has suggested that Apple is planning to add a new food tracking feature to the Health app. but, it’s not clear exactly how expansive that feature might be. Apple is also said to be making some minor tweaks to the System colors, that is used when an iPhone is in dark mode. From an accessibility standpoint background sounds, which is an option that lets users play soothing sounds. like ocean rain or just white noise to help drown out unwanted environmental noise.

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We’re also hearing in Apple WWDC 2021 iPad OS may give users a little bit more control and flexibility. It will potentially be allowing you to put widgets sort of anywhere on the display. Maybe even move apps around but, that’s sort of it don’t expect mac os to come to the iPad or anything like that. Very little is known about what Apple is going to change in terms of software for the devices which hopefully means there are some big surprises in store.

All New Macbook Lineup at Apple WWDC 2021

According to Jon Prosser, he confirmed that is the release of brand new Macbook Pros at Apple WWDC 2021. Now it’s unclear if we’re going to get one Macbook Pro or multiple Macbook Pros. But, here’s sort of what we know as of right now Apple is planning to release two new versions of the Macbook Pro 14-inch model and a 16-inch model.

These are the higher-end apple Laptops that will come equipped with the new version of the M1 Processor. Rumor has it right now it’s going to be called the M1x. According to Bloomberg, this Processor should be an absolute powerhouse. The Macbook Pro is coming equipped with a 10 Core processor and options for either 16 Cores or 32 Cores for the GPU. It supports up to 64 gigs of RAM. The Macbook Pro has some physical changes on the outside with an all-new chassis. That hopefully gets a bit of a redesign and also the reintroduction of all those ports. We have long been waiting for these new Macbook Pros will still pack a number of thunderbolt equipped USB C ports. but, we’ll also reintroduce a full-size HDMI port, a full-size SD card slot, and a MagSafe charging port.

Which it’s unclear if it’s gonna look like sort of the old Magsafe style charging port, We had on MacBooks and MacBook Pro many years ago. or if we could see sort of a redesign, Like what we have on the latest iMac. Whatever it’s going to be, I am super excited to see Magsafe finally return to the Macbook Pros and the introduction of full-size ports a sort of a new design.

Macbook Pros will have Mini LED Displays or not?

The Processing Power, The display of all of this sounds really exciting and I cannot wait to see these new Macbook Pros finally launch. Now as exciting as all this is there still some mysteries and some questions. that remain about these new Macbook Pros. At first, we heard that Apple could give these new Macbook Pros a Mini LED display. This would be super great to see but, some rumors suggest this is going to happen. While others suggest that there are too many technical and production limitations right now. That makes this sort of impossible and probably will get pushed until 2022. So, it’s unclear whether these new MacBook pros will have Mini LED displays or not.

New iPad Pro and M1 Proccessor

Courtesy: Apple

Let’s talk about the M1 iPad Pro because this is another mystery that’s causing sort of some theories. I don’t want to say conspiracy theories but, definitely some weird theories for WWDC. Some suggest that the M1 in the iPad Pro of 2021 is so powerful, so advanced, so capable that it’s just dumb of apple to put it in a Tablet. Apple could unlock some new apps at WWDC, specifical apps like Apple pro apps. Maybe this is the event that apple finally releases Final cut pro, Logic Pro, and other Pro and creative Apps. we just don’t know iPad Pro now has keyboard support, trackpad support, a super-powerful desktop-level processor it makes sense, and now is the time to sort of unlocking a little bit of that power.

Apple Hi-Fi Lossless Music Streaming

Next up let’s talk about something that’s been causing quite a bit of controversy in the world of Apple Music. This new Apple Hi-Fi Lossless music streaming and the addition of spatial audio inside of apple music. now the technology itself sounds cool. The fact that it’s free, is like the cherry on top but many are confused, concerned, and upset that the support for this is sort of all over the place and I’m not an audiophile. so, I don’t really claim to understand it all fully but according to Jon Prosser, this could potentially be fixed. he says with basically the magic of a software update over the air, that apple could fix these issues and limitations with apple music and loss of streaming with AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and regular AirPods and hopefully other apple products with the introduction of this software update.

Now the rumor is that Apple could sort of introducing AirPlay 3. That would sort of ditch the limitations and bandwidth requirements and stuff like that of Bluetooth and allow you to do way more. maybe even stream lossless audio over AirPlay wirelessly through this third-generation AirPlay technology. This could also be great for lower latency stuff, it could maybe support new versions and new additions to spatial audio. it’s just a really cool thing to see and it does make sense it’s been a while since we got AirPlay 2 so AirPlay 3 could be potentially right around the corner and fix a lot of these issues.

AirPods 3

Courtesy: Gizmochina

We’re also expecting to see potentially the announcement of AirPods 3. They’re sort of supposed to be this hybrid between AirPods Pro and AirPods too sort of this new AirPods 3 look. looks very similar to AirPods pro with a new shorter stem design and a new case. but, what we don’t know is the software support as of right now transparency mode, active noise cancellation, spatial audio are all reserved for AirPods Pro. but with the introduction of AirPods 3 and maybe AirPlay 3 could we see some of this magic sauce like spatial audio come over to these lower-end AirPods.

And that is it for Apple WWDC 2021. I am really personally very excited to see iOS 15 and the updates that come to the iPad and the Mac. I’m crossing my fingers for some big hardware upgrades and hopefully some product announcements and hopefully, we will see what ends up coming in just a few days from now.

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