Apple Watch 7 | Release Date, Price, Leaks & Rumors

This year we are getting a completely new fresh design of company’s new series of wearables. A redesigned biggest possible departure from the company this year. This redesign would be bigger than the changes that we got in Series 4.

Apple Watch 7
Image Credit: Jon Prosser x Ian Zelbo
Highlights :
  1. This Apple Watch 7 could be launched at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) on June 7th, 2021.
  2. Apple Watch 7 got a new chip, which will be better and more efficient than the previous series 6 models.
  3. According to John Prosser’s renders, the Apple Watch Series 7 would actually have a squared-off form factor.
  4. The price will goes around $429 for Apple Watch Series 7 44mm. 

Rumors You Need to Know About Apple Watch 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 has been leaked. John Prosser is on a streak with all of these recent leaks. so, I’m here to give you guys my thoughts on this massive apple watch redesign leak.

Image Credit: Jon Prosser x Ian Zelbo

The Apple Watch only had one redesign ever since its original announcement back in September 2014. That was with the series 4 in 2018, Which rounded up the body and made the screen bigger by thinning out the bezels.

However, this year we are getting the second redesign according to a report from Ming-Chi Kuo, which implies that this redesign would be bigger than the changes that the series 4 brought to the table. According to Jon Prosser & Ian Zelbo’s renders, which were all based on actual photos that he has seen. Certainly, the Apple Watch Series 7 would actually have a squared-off form factor. Wait, really a squared-off apple watch? I know what you’re probably thinking that design looks uncomfortable, but I do not actually think that this would be the case.

On top of that this design does actually make a lot of sense for Apple. Now the reason why I do not think it will be uncomfortable is that when your apple watch is sitting on your wrist it is not actually touching your wrist at all instead the back of it, which includes the sensors is actually quite thick and that means that that is the one that actually touches your wrist not the chassis of the apple watch. Similarly, it seems like Apple has rounded off the edges quite a bit, so the watch itself won’t be as sharp as an iPhone 12.

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Why Apple Watch Series 7 Will Have Squared-off Design

This squared-off design makes a lot of sense is because Apple has been embracing this flat design on pretty much all of their new products. It all started with a 2018 iPad Pro, and it then moved to the iPhone with the iPhone 12, Then to the Mac with a new iMac, and it seems like the upcoming MacBook air would also adopt such a design. The reason why I think it makes a lot of sense for Apple to also give the apple watch a design that resembles their other products.

Image Credit: ZONEofTECH

Most importantly, if you take a look at how Apple’s current apple watch (Series 4 -Series 6) looks like you can see that it resembles the iPhone X design quite a lot, Whereas the new one is a perfect match for the iPhone 12 design. The iPhone X came out in 2017 and then the apple watch series 4 with its updated design that matches the iPhone X’s design came out a year later in 2018. Further, The iPhone 12 came out in 2020, and the apple watch is set to match its design that will come out in 2021.

So, maybe this is a pattern in the future when Apple updates the iPhone design once again, They will release an apple watch that will match that design a year after right.

But, Aside from just this squared-off form factor, Are there any other design changes?

On the right-hand side, we still have the same side button, The microphone, and The digital crown. but it seems like the crown is now sitting fully on the outside of the chassis, as opposed to half of it cutting through the chassis like it was on the series 4. Similarly, on the left-hand side is where things get very interesting as it seems like we get two gigantic speaker grilles which don’t really make a lot of sense. The series six already had some very loud speakers with crystal clear audio. So, I do not see why apple would want to use that much space inside for even better speakers when they could simply use that space for a larger battery instead.

One last thing that I want to talk about when it comes to the design Jon’s renders have shown us a few color options from space grey to silver, navy blue to light blue, red to even a new green color so far it seems like, these colors match the iMac’s colors and even some of the upcoming MacBook Air’s. but, you’ve probably noticed that all of these colors that Jon has shown us were all of the aluminum models. Apple has had other finishes for the apple watch such as stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. so I’m confident that we would get these again with a series 7.

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Let's Talk About Some Technical Specifications

New Apple Watch likely gets the S7 chip, which would be more efficient than the s6. As it will be based on apple’s A14 processor or even the A15 chip, compared to the S6 which was based on the apple A13. Aside from this major redesign, we have seen a bunch of reports over the years, that Apple plans on bringing even more health monitoring sensors to the apple watch. The one that’s most likely going to happen is a Blood Glucose Monitoring Sensor.

An optical glucose monitoring sensor on the apple watch would be pretty game-changing. on top of that, we have seen reports that Apple is also working on sensors to measure your blood pressure as well as the alcohol level in your blood which is pretty huge.

Image Credit: Jon Prosser x Ian Zelbo

Other features could include things such as a brighter display. we did get this kind of with a series 6, where the always-on display was up to 2.5 times brighter when outdoors. so hopefully, this gets improved even further with the series 7. There is also the possibility of Apple adding 5G but, I would say that this won’t happen for a few more years, as number one the apple watch already has very fast LTE.

In conclusion, I do actually like the fact that we’re getting a new Apple Watch design, not necessarily because of the design itself. I would have still preferred a circular design. but because we are finally getting a big visual change, something that the apple watch has desperately needed for a few years now.

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